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My name is Danae, I am the creator of SpellBox, I am a witch and a psychic reader. I believe in the power of spells, symbolism, the psychic arts and the myths. Within us all there is a yearning to experience magick and wonder. This is why I created SpellBox.

Magick is an energy that resides in Nature and in us. It is a divine force that takes us to a better place within our hearts and minds. Spells are a way to experience this energy, a beautiful way to create change and to connect with the sacred. The realm of magick is imaginative, creative and joyful, it belongs to everyone for the moon shines on us all.

I learnt about magick in dew-covered fields looking for mushrooms under tall gum trees when I was still too young for school. The scent of the silent trees and the mist spoke to me of a mystical energy that was not seen with the eyes but felt in the heart. This is where I initiated myself into the Old Craft, where I first experienced the life-force of Nature. No person had ever spoken to me of this magick. The knowledge was brought to me by the whispering wind, the spying rabbits and the earth beneath my feet. This is when I felt truly alive and I knew I was a witch.

– Danae