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Full Moon in Cancer
December 25 10:11pm               

The first full moon at Christmas, since 1977, weaves the magick of the crab, under the sign of Cancer, at 10.11 on Christmas night.

The next full moon on Christmas day will be in 2034.

The energy of Cancer is sensitive, psychic and will strengthen bonds as the moon’s light will illuminate the deep love we have for family, friends and humanity. The realization that we are all one, we are each other’s teachers and we are on an amazing journey together will brighten the view of the future viagra original preis. The idea of home as a place of kindness and care will bring the soul to rest. The wisdom of this full moon speaks of small acts of love rippling out to the world, making beautiful connections and celebrating life.

The myth of Christmas is universal and one of the great stories told of hope. It goes beyond religion and speaks of light coming to the world. In the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice celebrates the birth of the Sun, again symbolic of light defending darkness. Our Christmas, around the Summer Solstice, is becoming its own story but still universal in its symbolism as the Christmas tree, the lights and giving of gifts were birthed from ancient pagan customs.


‘Magick circle cast around,

Bring the Heavens to the ground.

I ask the birds to hear this call,

Within the circle stars to fall.

Magick rise by full moon night.

Ignite our hearts with love and light.’


With love Danae the SpellBox Witch. Merry Christmas


Bewitchment: Create a beautiful setting of crystals and flowers. Dedicate each crystal to someone you love.

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