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11745520_920604547977829_3796467967240868720_nSpellBox: SHOP 17 ROYAL ARCADE MELBOURNE PHONE : 96397077
Beautiful Merchandise, Tarot Readings, Workshops, Children’s Events, Oracle Wheels

SpellBox is a place of bewitching magick and imagination, where spells, potions and charms transform the ordinary into the divine. Our wares also include mystical jewelry, crystals, ritual objects and statues from mythology.

Tarot readers and spiritual guidance is available everyday.
Regular classes on the magickal arts are held in an enchanting space.
Classes for children are held every school holidays and when they spin the Wheel of the Elves they learn about their unique talents.
The shop calendar changes with the seasons and the moon phases.
Spin our Wheel of Stars anytime to receive guidance and insight.
A mystical flame will ignite in your heart when you enter SpellBox.

“By power of the plants and trees, By sprouting seeds and falling leaves.
I invoke the charms of blooms and bees,
To charge a charm, as Gaia weaves.
So mote it be, so magick rise, By moonlit night, by sunlit skies”

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