The SpellBox yearly calendar is spellbound to the moon phases and changing seasons. Our wares come from the realms of the Old Magick

Spin the Wheel of Stars, and for children, the Wheel of the Elves, to receive magickal guidance.

Psychic readings every day. Phone 03 96397077

At SpellBox you will find wares of magick purpose and experience:

  • Spells made by the witches of SpellBox
  • Magick tools
  • Witch’s Fascinations
  • Crystals
  • Talismans Amulets Charms
  • Enchanting Jewelry
  • Herbs, Incense, Oils and Resins
  • Psychic Tools and Cards
  • Goddesses Magick


Candles, Wands, Frankincense, Dragon's Blood, Love Spells


Incense, Athames, Smudge Sticks, Censors, Feathers, Quills, Tarot


Cauldrons, Chalices, Crystals, Psychic Tools, Black Mirrors


Herbs, Pentacles, Oils, Mugwort, Books, Prosperity Spells

The Goddess

Statues, Jewelery, Altar Tools, Goddess Spells and Candles


Made at SpellBox for beautiful purposes

The Fae

Cards, Elf Wheel Spells, Statues, Mojos, Capes


Book of Shadows, Dream Catchers, Wax Seals, Witch's Spheres